Orange 2018 Netherlands Home Football shirt

As a die-hard football fan of Netherlands football team, Nike and Netherlands side unveiled the new 2018 Netherlands home football shirt recently. It’s a great opportunity to pledge allegiance to the football team by putting on the new Netherlands football kits. The brand-new Netherlands home football shirt follows the traditional color scheme of the country, showing great respects to its football history.

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Now, I would like to introduce the latest information involving the attractive orange football shirts for all. Before detail introduction, some obvious characteristics of the Orange 2018 Netherlands home football Shirt are as follows:

Orange base color in two tones

Round Collar

Raglan sleeves

Black Nike Swoosh and team crest

Subtle pattern on shoulder panels

100% polyester

Dri-Fit technology

Against the predominately orange background, the black Nike Swoosh is stitched onto the right chest; the symbolic team crest with depicted lion is stitched onto left chest across from Nike’s logo. The shoulder panels is printed with irregular striped subtle pattern in light orange. In addition to black accents on chest, a stripe of black tape with white printed lion, which is same with the lion on their team crest.

In purpose to provide a more comfortable football shirts to all customers, the new football shirt is made from 100% polyester, which greatly contributes to light-weight shirt and could be dried in short time. In addition, the special fabric is benefit to discharging perspiration from the surface of your skin quickly, leaving you cool and dry when playing football on football pitches. Besides the Netherlands home football shirt, other related products will also be added to our selection in short time. Please pay attentions to our selection, and you can place your order at any time to get your favorite products.

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New Netherlands Away Shirt 2014

Players of Netherlands national team, Walterman, Klausen and Boehue Hughes, showed Netherlands Away Shirt 2014 in Cultural Park Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. The design of the new jersey combines the culture of Netherlands with innovative technology.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, Netherlands Away Shirt 2014 has a modern and simple V-collar design. Its color is changed from blue to dark blue, then purple at the bottom. The shirt symbolizes that the landscape and water of Netherlands plays an important role in the Dutch life. Additionally, blue represents the Royal Family of Netherlands. On the other hand, it is also one of the colors of the Dutch flag. The design shows the essence of Dutch football and the dynamic style of the national team. Each player with good performance runs and passes a football for the nation in football fields.

In order to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Dutch Football Association(KNVB), an eye-catching and new badge of the team is designed on the new shirt. This impressive team crest consists an orange lion and two numbers. The lion symbolizes a new era of the Dutch football, meanwhile represents the team’s core values—simpleness, glory and solidarity. The two numbers are 1889 ( the founding year of the KNVB) and 2014. In addition, a crown is printed the inside of the collar.

In order to design a special font for players’ names and numbers, Nike cooperates with Wim Crouwel, a legendary graphic designer. This kind of font is attractive and retro. It can remind people of the famous font in the 1970s and a small logo of the KNVB is printed under the number.