Novel French Away Soccer Jersey 2016

As a recent addition to the Fc Kingdom, an online sports outlet, the novel design of the French away soccer jersey promotes the product a hot. The theme color of the French soccer shirt is white while short sleeves are red and blue, which add new elements into its concise design. The superb color scheme endows the elegant French soccer jersey with unique traditional elements and modern looking.

The snug design will show your strong figure to people while it will not be a limit to your actions. Short sleeves and high-performance yarns leave the French soccer jersey excellent ventilation and breathability. In addition, it is a light-weight and durable soccer jersey for the application of 100% polyester. Surplus perspiration will be forced to out layer of the soccer jersey, promoting the evaporation of perspiration and keeping you dry and cool. The logo of Nike, along with the shirt badge of France national football team, is stitched on the chest, displaying pride of the French team in a special manner.

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