Stade Pierre-Mauroy

I      Overview

Widely regarded as a multi-function football stadium, The Stade Pierre-Mauroy lies in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, with a capacity of 50,000 spectators. LOSC started participated in European competitions from 1975 while the Stade Pierre-Mauroy was not qualified enough for the UEFA competitions. A new plan to construct a new football stadium was postponed and canceled for objections from preservationists. This dilemma forced the team to own a standard football stadium.

II    Sharp Turn

It was at that moment that the administrative landscape has been changed, allowing the construction of a new multi-purpose football stadium. One week after the completion of the project, the support infrastructures around the stadium commenced to be built. In general, the Stade Pierre-Mauroy has been completed at a cost of €618 million, of which €42 million is used for parking, hotels and restaurants. From then on, the grand football stadium has been completed and the dream to own a standard football stadium has been realized after long-term struggling.

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