Why do Royals Wear Hats?

Royals often know a thing or two involving fashion and style, particular in formal conditions. All royals like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Euginene dressed to the nines. Certainly, they all have impressed the public though highlights of their outfits, such as tiaras, hats, gloves, etc. Of course, some casual hats not suitable for formal events like a bucket hat, cap, beanie and others would not appear at formal events. It’s obvious that most chic choices of royals follow royal dress codes rather than personal preference. Let’s look into formal style rules the whole royal family have to follow.

Why Royals Wear Hats at Formal Events?

In reality, wearing hats isn’t a thing of royal family, but a thing of the British people. In general, hats are taken as formal daytime attire, and they often appear at weddings and other luxurious events. Small daytime activities like a garden party seems common to ordinary people, but it is considered as a formal one. In this case, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and other royals are expected to wear hats. Similarly, male royals might also wear hats in such occasions while it is more common for female royals to sport such accessories.

“Before the late 1950s, it was rare to see ladies who didn’t wear hats in public occasions, because it was not allowed to show their hair in the presence of the public. ” Diana Mather said, a senior tutor of an etiquette consultancy. She added, “The tradition has changed and hats are accessories for formal occasions.” In spite of stringent dress codes of royal family, hats are not allowed in some occasions to avoid obscuring vision of spectators behind them.

How to Tell Hats from Fascinators?

Besides hats, fascinators also take an important role at formal events. As a type of formal headpiece, they are often attached to hair through hair clips or hair combs. Embellishments of fascinators may varied in materials, styles, designs and the like. The most obvious difference between hats and fascinators is that a hat fits around the whole head while a fascinator is often attached by clips, combs, headbands, etc.

Stringent Dress Codes to Royals 

In addition to hats and fascinators, royals have to obey strict style rules, so that they could come into the sight of public in suitable clothes and accessories. Some may wonder when royals need to wear tiaras. Follow my steps and try to find answers.

Tiaras are regarded as specific accessories for white-tie events, and only married women are allowed to wear them. Except for wearing them on a royal wedding or a coronation, tiaras seldom appear in public occasions. Although Princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s were born with blue blood, they couldn’t wear tiaras until marriage. Put another way, a royal female member could only don a tiara on her wedding day for the first time. On wedding days, royals could borrow a tiara from the queen. Many have borrowed one from her, such as Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, etc. Since then, royals are allowed to borrow different tiaras.

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